• All of the steel components remain above the water line preventing corrosion.*
  • 12" width distributes load over a large area for rough water applications.
  • Bolting the frame to the tank eliminates wear from shifting in rough water.
  • Stainless steel bushings and locknuts offer superior wear resistance over standard zinc hardware and bushings.
  • Clamp style dock bracket eliminates drilling into the dock frame-work.

* On Selected Models Only

FiberSteel Boat Lift Options

  • Remote Control Units
  • Tri-Toon Bunk Setup
  • Rough Water Stop Kit w/ Hull Protectors Available
  • Combination V Bunk And Pontoon Bunk Systems

Lifetime Warranty

  • LIFETIME (Parts and Labor) on Tanks, Frame, Tank to Frame Connectors, and Polyethylene Bunks.​​
  • See Warranty Page

Blower Assembly

  • Weather Proof Lockable Deck Mounted Housing Safeguards Controls From Unauthorized Use.​
  • Ground Fault Interruption Protection With An Additional GFIC Outlet For Dockside Use.
  • Automatic Discharge Valve Protects Motor From Water Ingestion And Allows The Lift To Lower Quicker.
  • Two Stage Blower With Sealed Bearings For Faster Lifting Than Single Stage Blowers.

Steel Frame Work

  • 4" Wide Axle Loops With UHMW Bushings Along With Stainless Steel Arm And Stabilizer Bushings Reduce Wear And Noise.
  • Galvanized Steel Bolting Hardware And Stainless Steel Locknuts Are Superior To Zinc Coatings For Longevity.
  • Torsion Clamps And Square Axles And Arms Prevent Axle Twist Common To Round Pipe Axles.
  • Full Length Angle Iron Support Of Bunk Rails And The Use Of Structural Steel Offers Greater Hull Support.
  • Increased Frame To Tank Contact Reduces Pounds Per Square Inch Load As Compared To Tube Style Lifts.​
* HDPE construction used on standard depth tanks with white FRP construction used on shallow water lifts.
​** Tanks are standard black but can be made any custom color for an additional charge of $400.00.


  • High Density Polyethylene Tanks For Superior UV And Freeze Protection.
  • Carbon Black Finish Compliments Dock Floatation And Is Easy To Clean And Maintain.
  • HDPE Construction* Provides Extra Buoyancy When The Tanks Are Submerged Minimizing Stress On The Dock Structure.
  • Fully Enclosed And Structurally Reinforced Bottom Prevents Tank Damage In The Event The Lift Rests On The Bottom.
  • Frame And Tank Are Attached Using The Ultra-Tech Bonding System Eliminating Any Steel Components Below The Water Line
  • 30" Tank Depth Prevents Pressure Loss In Rough Water Or An 20" Tank For Use In Shallow Water Applications*
  • Tank Safety Shut Off Valve Prevents Air Loss In The Event Of A Hose Failure



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